Family Support Worker

He is also a Army Veteran of The Canadian Arm Forces

Raymond Goodchild


AA Meetings Schrieber- Sundays -8pm Tuesdays- 8pm St Johns Anglican Church

Terrace Bay-Thursdays 8pm- Gospel Assembly

Contact: Raymond Goodchild FSW 807-824-1112 if you need a ride.

After Care Circle Group: Mondays 6pm @ the Pays Plat Hall


- Assist with Prevention Program
-Transport clients to counselling session
-Refer clients to Dilico for Drug and Alcohol Assessment also provide transportation to AA meetings.
-Provide transportation to Counselling and Treatment Center
-liaison with other agencies, Dilico and Children's Aid Society
-Culture Program for the community
-Advocate for the clients for treatment center and counselling
-Resource person for workshops in the community



Teasing and Bullying

Teasing and Bullying

Help Site about Bullying and Teasing

the above link will contect you to a helpful site.


How does teasing and bullying about looks affect a girl's self-esteem in the long run? Worried your daughter is being teased about her appearance and not sure how to help? Use our practical articles and activities to help her understand what's happening and how to avoid taking comments about her appearance to heart.