Health Office



Community Health Representative (CHR):

Debra Bouchard

The CHR program is a unique concept providing health care, health promotion and disease prevention services.

The CHR provides the community with health information, instruction and guidance, to help educate them in safe health practices and proper utilization of the Health Care System.

The CHR works in conjunction with the Community Health Nurse, The main focus of the CHR is the community health safety.

This program implements many services for the community.The role of the CHR is to assist the community in identifying its health care needs and to provide community health information, instruction and guidance in safe health practices and in the proper utilization of the avail ale health care services.

The CHR also provides assistance to the members
when accessing Non-insured Health Benefits (NIHB) from Health Canada, NHIB provides Dental Benefits,
Eye and Health Services Outside of Canada.


Programming through the CHR:

Community Health Program:

Healthy Snacks Program
Breakfast Program
Workshops/Information Sessions
Blood Pressure Screenings
Blood Sugar Screenings
Home Visits
Basic Counselling
Report/Notify Communicable diseases
Emergency Planning

Mandatory Health Programs & Environmental Health Programs

The CHR works in collaboration with the Environmental Health Officer by accepting reports such as housing inspection an water quality, water sampling, reporting do bites, waste and sharp containers, being involved in emergency response planning, involved in occupation health (play round safety), assisting in septic field and business.

Water Quality
Solid Waste
Sewage Disposal
Food safety
Housing/Indoor Air Quality
Rabies Control
Public Safety Programs
Occupation Health & Safety

Building Healthy Communities-Solvent Abuse Program:

Support community to reduce the level of solvent addiction

Increase awareness and understanding
Strengthen links between the community bases program and residential treatment and provide
support for post treatment.


Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program:

Nutrition Screening, Counselling and Education
Breast feeding education
Promotion and support of breast feeding
Activities to improve health outcomes


Diabetes Initiative:

Increase healthy eating, and physical activity in the community
Screen for diabetes
Community Kitchens
Nutrition Bingo



Promote awareness and education to community about HIV/AIDS, and distribute condoms, and


Diabetes Education & Health Promotion/Prevention Program:

Promote diabetes awareness and education
Host a community kitchen workshops on diabetes and nutrition


Building Healthy Communities-Mental Health Crises:

Establish a community based mental health crisis management program
Enhance control and provide necessary tools to tackle problems of hopelessness and suicide,
targeting communities in crisis intervention, aftercare and train in for caregivers and members
of the community for post treatment.


Medical Transportation:

Enforce the medical patient transportation policy
Make necessary changes to accommodate the needs of the community
Supervise Medical Van Driver
Safeguard equipment by ensuring they are secured in locked facilities as directed.

Bus Warrants
Long Distant Travel
Non-Urgent Travel
Medical Appointments
Dental Appointments
Eye Appointments


The CHR works in conjunction with other programs,

Aboriginal Healing & Wellness, Addictions and Counselling, Home Support, Community Health Nurses, Child & Family Services.

They provide services such as:

Aboriginal Day Celebrations

Elder's Grocery Bingo's
Walk in Programs Youth Game/Movie Night
Home Visits Youth Drop-In's
Mother's Day Merchandise Bingo Community Kitchens
Father's Day BBQ Workshops
Halloween Party/Dance Community Feasts
Thanksgiving Baskets Information Sessions
Christmas Gathering Healthy Snacks Program
Culture Fair Breakfast Program
Winter Carnival Women's Wellness Clinics
Fun Days/Fish Derby Nurse Practitioner Clinics
Nutrition Bingo's Easter Baskets
Diabetes Health Clinics ,Foot Care Clinics

Brighter Futures:
Increase and improve awareness in mental

health, child development, health babies, injury
prevention and parenting skills.


Additional Services:

HIV/AIDS (condom distribution, newsletter articles and workshops, etc