Band Office Staff

John Szura

Chief Executive Officer

I manage the business affairs of the First Nation. Such as Managing the funding resources, employment forces and so on.

I work closely with the Chief & Council , attend all Council Meetings and Band Meetings.

Dwayne Healey

Finance Officer

Ensures the financial stability and viability of all departments and all future developments/operations of the First Nation.

My duties include administration of the financial system, monitoring all expenses and budgets within the band to comply with approved polices.

Douglas Moses

Economic Development Officer

The Community Economic Development Officer is responsible for facilitating, promoting and ensuring community and economic development in order to secure opportunities for economic and business development and increase local employment.

Val Auger

Education Counsellor

responsibilities: funding for post secondary education liaison between parents and schools/school boards adjusting tuition agreements and busing agreements with support of council supporting students with resource support as necessary member of the native education advisory committee as well as the aboriginal education advisory committee.

Acquiring funding to support the summer employment program for the secondary students with in the community

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Gary Bouchard

Traditional Values Technician

G.I.S Mapping our traditional values and territories.

I collect data by interviewing our elders & community.

Administratation Secretary

Meet and greet people as they come in the band office.

Answering phones, take messages,among other duties also keeping the office organized.

Rene Wanakamik

Membership Clerk

I process Pays Plat's status cards, handle band transfer intakes, update Pays Plat's voting list.

Applying for Status Cards


Ontario Works Administrator

Administer Ontario Works Program, processing applications and determining for finanical assistance related to the needs of indivduals and families while maintaining confidentiality.

Administer Homemakers Program that provides support services to individuals in order for them to remain in the home. Assist individuals who are elderly, ill or recovering from an illness, adults with disabilities.